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Green Key is an international and independent eco-labelling system for establishments within the tourism industry. Green Key is controlled by the FEE, an environmental education organisation behind other labelling systems such as Blue Flag.

The establishments granted a Green Key certification needs to fulfil internationally defined criteria especially adapted for establishments within the tourism sector. To obtain a Green Key certification it is mandatory that the company works with yearly environmental goals for continuous improvement, implement an energy and water saving system as well as work with eco-labelled cleaning products. Additionally, requirements include increasing organic, fair trade and locally produced food.

To be labeled with Green Key, it requires the company to live up to a number of strict environmental requirements. Criteria have today been developed and adopted for the different types of companies within the tourism industry. The criteria have been developed based on 12 main areas, such as energy, water, sustainable food, etc. But from 2017, CSR was added as the 13th main area.

We are proud to be a certified Green Key hotel and to show our engagement when it comes to the environment.

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